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Finding A Guild For The Old Republic

October 31, 2009

Being an avid gamer and Star Wars nerd I am pretty much forced to constantly have this game on my mind. Sadly, this also compels me to read on post on The Old Republic guild recruitment forums . I made the mistake of listing that I was looking for a guild who’s primary focus is that of end-game raiding, no roleplaying, but with a policy against names like” LewkSkywalkerer” or “XxDarthMaulxX” I listed a few other things along the lines of leadership and goals.

I’ve received multiple responses during the past two days and let’s just say that the average age of the guild leaders coming up with these awful guild names has to be around 13. The Jedi Order, The New Jedi Order, The Old Jedi Order, The Real Jedi Order are just a few fine examples of what happens when They allow “kidlings” to post on these forums. You’d think there would be some small drop of originality in the sea of ignorance, but to quote a good friend of mine,”Still no! lololololol.” I blamed myself at first for wanting to roll republic. One would assume that all the kiddies would do the same thing they did in WoW and play the ‘good guys’, was I wrong.

I decided that perhaps I should take a look at the Imperial guild recruitment forum. Frankly I was not ready for what I encountered. As terrible as the names of the Republic guilds were most of them couldn’t hold a candle to how utterly awful these Imperial guilds were named. It was as if I had descended into the hell of failed Black Metal song titles( I actually enjoy Black Metal). Every specimen in the English language of the words dark, shadow, evil, empire assaulted my eyes.  As if my ventures into both factions guild recruitment forums weren’t ghastly enough I managed to stumble upon a Born-again Christian only guild. “A guild with its focus on honoring GOD. play as you live!” I about spit my drink on the keyboard. I’m tempted to go against my original plan of playing a republic jedi just so I can roll Sith on their server and starting my own PVP guild called “Sigil of Baphomet” with a focus of camping and griefing these nut jobs. In all honesty I’ll just make sure not to go anywhere near the server they play on because I don’t want to play Sith.

If anybody out there reading this is starting a guild for TOR and is looking for dedicated players I’m more than willing to entertain offers. I take progression very seriously and I expect my guildmates to do the same. In WoW we have class specs and we enforce certain builds and rotations to maximize whatever role they’ve(the player) taken on. There are also consumable items that we require for every pull of every raid these things ensure that we give all we can on every attempt at a boss. As you can tell by now I’d be considered one of those “Elitist Raiders” the Warcraft community constantly complains about. Just don’t try to invite me to Jedi Elite Order the all jedi roleplaying guild as I’ll have to decline that most gracious offer.  Chances are I’m going to have to find a serious raiding guild in WoW that’s making an Old Republic branch if I ever want to be in an amazing guild for this game.

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  1. Chasin permalink
    November 1, 2009 20:26

    Team Rabble Rabble sup.

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