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November 1, 2009

Yes, I understand there will not be an “Alpha class” I’ve heard this multiple times. However there are many of us that do enjoy the healing aspect of MMO’s and there seems to be a complete lack of any information on how this is going to work out. Are we just going to rely on medpacks for health regeneration during combat? Are we going to see aura’s from classes providing the needed healing for difficult pve encounters? I can’t seem to fathom any sort of end-game raiding without having a few members of the raid who specialize in healing.

It just doesn’t make sense to leave out such a large part of the lore and past game history by neglecting healing. I understand tons of people are going to try this game who’ve never played an MMO and don’t care about these things, but the majority of those players could care less about raiding or top level pvp. The lack of a healing system would entail that the personal heal of the class would have to be on the scale of lay on hands from warcraft. Even then what’s the point of having a tank and dps roles without having the healer. You might as well stack your raids with all the classes that have tanking ability and just run full heal or regen rotations. Every fight is just a dps race at that point. There’s little to no strategy and it turns the game into more of an FPS/Action style game than an RPG.

I really think healing needs to be clarified and not ignored as it seems to be currently. We do exist and we do want to play the game just as much as the next person. Most of us just want to know if we’re gonna get to do what we do best and that is keeping the little kid playing the trooper named Maastercheef alive when he pulls aggro off the tank in a dungeon.

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