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Warcraft: My Second Job

November 4, 2009

You know a game is starting to grow stale when you are looking forward to finishing up and logging off for the night as opposed to what are we killing next. Raid nights have seemingly grown longer as each week goes by and I don’t think it’s just the terribly lazy design of the current dungeon alone that’s taking it’s toll on me.  I’ve raided close to five nights a week for over two years now and I think it’s finally starting to feel like work. The feeling that killing that brand new boss gives isn’t as joyous as it once was. Could it be the absolute disemboweling of the lore and rehashing of both instances and bosses is adding to the malaise that has taken hold of players like myself? As I reflect on the situation it begins to annoy me and I realize the target of my angst is more than likely Activision. They’ve fostered the unoriginality and general lack of real challenge since the launch of Wrath.

We’ve been stuck with a redone Naxx in which the greatest challenge was making sure that idiot Rogue in your group didn’t blow Immortal by chaining KT’s frostblast. Malygos was very easy as the most difficult part of the encounter was just a modified daily quest. Sartharion was fun however they screwed up by making the ten man version of the fight far more difficult than the full raid encounter. Ulduar is easily the best raid in this expansion thus far, but it also had its issues. Coupling the mind-numbing useless achievement “Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare” into the meta achievement for your drake was idiotic especially when you had to do double that number. Algalon was designed poorly and instead of just making him into some near-impossible boss they just put a time limit on him so you couldn’t effectively learn from the mistakes you’ve made and apply new strategies during that week. It’s this format that’s driving me from the game.

Certain guilds are able to adapt on the fly some execute flawlessly as if the guild is of a single mind, and others beat themselves against the wall until everything just clicks . I belong to a guild that subscribes to that tertiary philosophy. Fights where we are limited in time, pulls, and minor mistakes are not friendly to this type of guild.  Generally we have to throw ourselves at content until we figure it out for ourselves.  It’s something that has worked for us from the early stages of Burning Crusade up until the very end of Ulduar. Sadly, Blizzard seems hell-bent on using these mechanics again in the future much to the dismay of players like myself. This new system is what I consider to be a lazy way out. Instead of making the bosses on par or a greater challenge than Sunwell they’ve decided to limit the times you can see them to foster this illusion of difficulty. When you can’t test your theories and strategies enough to develope a working system it makes the encounter seem more difficult than it really is. Some guilds went to private realms to test strats on these bosses without having to waste the lockout, but getting my guild to a test realm let alone a private realm is about as hard as herding cats.

It is of my most humble opinion that Sunwell was the best designed raid instance Blizzard has ever created. The scale of difficulty introduced in that dungeon was perhaps the most enjoyable challenge I’ve tackled in my five pathetic years of playing this game. I can only hope blizzard returns to the normal system they’ve used for years and does away with this new gimmick. If not I can’t see myself wasting the money on another expansion pack as this one is drawing the very will to play from me.

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  1. Socharis permalink
    November 4, 2009 14:08


    No more timer lockouts, and for the love of god drop the gcd deaths.

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