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Black Friday Sucks

November 22, 2009

I haven’t updated in a fortnight and that’s simply because I’m in the middle of the most horrible time of the year for people who are pathetic enough to work in retail. Even though I myself do not sell things the leadership in the store insists on including us in any and all holiday preparation. You’d think a multi-billion dollar corporation would figure that the people who are there to fix things wouldn’t need to even work on the dreaded BLACK FRIDAY. Much to the dismay of techs like myself the answer to that question is a resounding “STILL NO”. I suppose the people in power do this to us to prevent creating a rift between the sales and the services teams. Having to go to meetings when the sun is rising to talk about things that do not pertain to my actual duties at work just for the sake of being fair to the salesmen makes me want to punch a baby. It is of my understanding that the company thinks that just because we work together that both sales and services should be treated similarly. We work in the same building and we share the same leadership or lack there of to be honest, and this is where what we have in common ends.

My pure hatred for my current job wasn’t always so strong. When I first started working as a technician all my job entailed was to make shipping tags for warranty items and to do repairs on computers in the store. Walking through those doors didn’t make me grit my teeth or clench my fist in anger and frustration. It wasn’t until some moron had the bright idea to try to turn our services department into the McDonald’s of computer repair. Things began to slowly change such as the uniforms and different types of services we began to offer. Instead of focusing on repairing the units the leadership started to push virus removals and upgrades of machines. Over the years it’s steadily gotten much worse to the point now that they barely want us working on computers in any shape so much as just hooking up the computers to a remote user in India so Tandeesh Bhagwat can attempt to do my job. The fact that the company pretends this doesn’t happen proves that they themselves know it’s just a pathetic attempt at outsourcing. Techs like myself are so disgusted by this practice that we often keep files of the failures and redo orders from the remote user and when we present them to the management we’re told to either shut up and do what we’re told or find a new job. Needless to say that if you actually want a quality repair done on your computer local mom and pop shops are probably a better bet.

Black Friday consists of me sitting in my department watching idiots frantically running up holding the ad in their hand and bitching because all the items they wanted were sold out long before they lumbered out of bed. I close every year and I tend to run into this scenario fifteen to twenty times during each Black Friday.

Here’s a few things that might make it easier for the morons out there to avoid making me want to saw off their leg, laminate it, and club other idiot customers to death with it:

  1. I don’t sell computers
  2. I don’t care that what you want is sold out
  3. I’m not going to try to help you find something around the same price BECAUSE I’M A TECHNICIAN NOT A SALESMAN.
  4. I really don’t want to hear about your daughter who’s going to college and is in need of said laptop. Well, unless she’s very attractive and is into overweight computer geeks.
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