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Throwing In The Towel.

December 10, 2009

Warcraft has abandoned the players who enjoy difficult content. They’ve been catering to the majority of players since the release of this latest expansion, and it’s a good business decision. However, from the standpoint of those of us who’ve actually enjoyed the difficult content this is causing us to quit in droves. To quote Sevvy from The Old Republic forums, “This attitude seems like a new thing. I’ve been playing MMOs for years. When I didn’t have the time to raid or grind out money or camp rare spawns, I just didn’t get the gear I wanted. I accepted it, and when a fully geared dude came along and kicked my ass, I accepted it. I’m not sure what has happened, but as of late, there has been a sense of entitlement with EVERYONE. I blame WoW.” WoW’s community is destroying the game.

Most people tend to ignore all aspects of the community that do not pertain to them. The only MMO I’ve played where the community outside of my guild mattered to me was Earth and Beyond. People generally cared and tried to help others. We still number crunched and worked out what was the best way to spend your skills and which beams would make my level 150 Jenquai Defender destroy the fish faster. If somebody was doing something wrong you offered them friendly advice. If they didn’t listen or told you to piss off you just didn’t bring them to the raid in favor of somebody who would play correctly. We didn’t suffer idiots and we didn’t have to.

WoW’s real issue lies in the players themselves. The complete lack of challenge and the “gear leveling”, that’s become the mainstay of warcraft, has created this type of player. Gear had a purpose in warcraft up until this current expansion. It was to separate the people who knew the mechanics of their class, had solid dedication to a goal, and who found others and the time to achieve that goal. Now gear in warcraft is like a welfare check and anybody can pretend to know what they are talking about. The truth is the vast majority of these people couldn’t have lasted 5 mins in Sunwell.

Back during Vanilla and Burning Crusade people would inspect me and ask me questions for hours while I sat in Org or SW. I know most of my guildies were flattered when people would ask our opinions on specs/items/encounters. That attitude was almost uniform on my server with the occasional exception. People bettered themselves and more guilds were able to push content because of others trying to help out. Entire web communities have sprung up around helping players better themselves in order to succeed. The people who refused to adapt or better themselves demanded the decrease in difficulty in PVE content. Actibillzion seeing that the masses would rather have things handed to them on a silver platter sold out. These people would become the dreaded wow “elitists”.

Having had enough with Blizzard listening to the whining of it’s “community” I managed to cancel my account and I’ve been WoW free for exactly 1 day now. I’m hoping that SW doesn’t make the same mistake and cater to people who either don’t want to learn or are unwilling to adapt. I’ll make a sacrifice to the old Gods in hopes of Star Wars not ignoring their better players in balance and difficulty discussions. Don’t feed us the same line we’ve been fed for five years in WoW “We designed your class. We know how it works.”


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