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These Aren’t The Opinions You’re Looking For.

January 6, 2010

As an avid Old Republic forum junkie I typically have a browser page open to a thread I’m reading on the forums even while at work. It seems the majority of people posting topics on the forum are complete idiots. From the anti-trinity crowd to the solo focus [Irony]groups[/Irony] and who could forget the Star Wars Galaxies refugees? If Bioware listened to these people the game would die six months after release because there would be a complete lack of content and community. My main concern seems to be the lack of solid information about the game as many people are predicting a late summer launch. This leads to even more wild-eyed speculation from the many loonies who inhabit the forum and frustrates those of us who do not breathe out of our mouths. I figure this would be a good place to go over some of these “ideas” and why they are indeed idiotic.


The group of people who despise healing and tanking. They feel that having the ability to heal or tank forces a player into that role exclusively. When a class isn’t balanced and it’s only useful spec is one of those builds this can become the case such as the Paladin in vanilla Warcraft. The only use for that class was to cleanse and heal so people who decided to put talent points into the protection or retribution trees other than the single “Kings Bitch” were usually laughed at by raiding guilds. It wasn’t because the class could heal that it was forced to, rather it was because the other talent builds were useless. Warcraft took a very long time to make all three talent trees for their hybrid classes useful but now that they’ve done so raids typically have one of each build. If Bioware listened to these guys all the fights would be DPS races and we’d be playing Jedi Knight 3: Online Adventures. This group was far more vocal in the past and has begun to taper off after the announcements of the last two classes and the fact that they can indeed heal. Hopefully they’ve decided to give up and not play this game.


I actually already covered these guys in a previous post retards beware!


I’d say these people have to be the group I despise the most. “The game has to be completely open world or we wont play it!” The mighty majority has spoken all tremble and prepare to bend over… Most of these people have been living in complete denial about how terrible that game was even before the “Combat Upgrade” or the “New Game Enhancements”. Star Wars Galaxies was horrible even from day one as class balance was a joke, and unlocking a force-sensitive character took as much luck as it did grinding. The awful combat system that forced you to go sit in front of a dancing idiot in order to go back outside of Mos Eisley to grind womp rats. I wouldn’t hate these people so much if they didn’t want The Old Republic to be SWG 2. There’s a reason your game was hemorrhaging subscribers since day one don’t try to ruin this game as well. You aren’t the majority if you end up being around 1/16th of the total population of this game I’ll be in shock. The majority of people who’ll play this game will have either hated Galaxies or never played it. It’s time to get over yourselves.

It’s getting to the point where I hope Bioware has already finished the game and only put the forums up to entertain people while they work out very minor details.


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