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I’m Surrounded By Smacktards.

February 10, 2010

After the tragic events of 1-11-2010 fanboys of TOR went into a period of mourning. Not just because the game that we have been staking all our hopes and dreams upon was delayed, but also because WE NOW HAVE TO FIND SOMETHING TO OCCUPY OURSELVES WITH FOR ANOTHER YEAR! After finally quitting WOW I had figured that I’d have around six months of getting my social life back in order before destroying it again with TOR. I suppose I should be happy that I’ll be able to spend more time with my friends and family than I first expected, but in reality I’d rather sit my ass in front of my computer trolling the forums. Somebody has to keep the idiot Star Wars Galaxies fanatics in check as they often times start going on about how amazing their horrible MMO was prior to the combat upgrade and new game enhancements. That I’d rather taunt the retards on the Old Republic forums than deal with certain members of my own family speaks volumes about the level of disdain I have for certain kin.

In an attempt to pull myself out of the stupor I’d been in since the announced delay of TOR I started messing around with the Star Trek Online beta. The game itself was terribly unpolished when I first started playing it and gradually improved over the month of open beta. However, it’s still not what it could be as there are only two current playable factions and one of which isn’t complete in it’s story or design. I picked it up to play casually in hopes that it would mature and hold me over until TOR beta hit. You notice gaping holes in the game such as quests that aren’t actually completed whether it be in the text or content itself, and even horrible balance issues in the dungeon system between support classes and dps class. I suppose that I’ll cap my character and mess around with the yet incomplete end game content before I kill my account. Personally, I would have rather had a new Trek series to watch instead of having to fly around sector space next to the moron in the USS Potato Salad.

One has to understand that not everybody who plays similar games will be equally similar intellectually. I still can’t shake my hatred for people with terrible names in MMO’s. Is it so hard to put a little thought behind your character’s name? This was something I was guilty of years ago during the dark time in my life that I refer to as the “Diablo 2 Period” with my javazon named Pokezon and my frost sorc SnoConez. Diablo 2 wasn’t a serious game and the majority of people had names which included a battle net tag and the class they were playing, and while that doesn’t excuse my lack of creativity it does give you an idea of how it happened.

Making the switch to MMO’s I began to take a more serious approach to naming my character because you end up being a part of an actual community in that genre. When I decided to roll a paladin in WoW I spent an entire day trying to find a name that would suit both the character and my personality. Being an avid fan of medieval history I decided on the name Nicephorus after the Byzantine emperor who reconquered Crete and was known as “The Pale Death of the Saracens”. What better name for a paladin than that of a pious warrior-king. I’m not demanding everybody should take that much interest in the creation of their avatar’s name, but just show that they care a little so we don’t have to deal with Dawg the Imperial Bounty Hunter…

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  1. Jacob permalink
    February 10, 2010 21:56

    SWG was a genuinly good game for its time before the stuff hit the fan. The combat was not the best I have had but it was good. However the fun came from the world feeling of it all. It really felt like the game was a world. No other game I have played out of the many have done that. I recognize that TOR will not do that either, it just is not that kind of game. Most people who I talk to who played SWG and are waiting for TOR see that difference as well and accept it.

    Besides, if someone wants SWG then they should know that the SWGEmu team has made good progress in emulating the old SWG game before the stuff hit.

    I understand you on names. I have sat at the screen forever trying to find the right name for a character. I can never understand those people who choose a name within 2 minutes and are prepared to stick with it for the days, months, or maybe even years of play they will have on that character.

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