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You Will Never Find A More Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy.

February 24, 2010

The Old Republic forums are both a blessing and a curse for somebody like me. The constant discussion and speculation help keep player interest high even though it’s a year away. One of many downfalls lies is the complete lunacy spewing from the mouths of idiots. Another seems to be Bioware themselves as has recently been brought to my attention. By only ever talking about this “FOURTH PILLAR!” that is character story and never actually talking about the other three pillars that are part of an MMO they foster this rampant stupidity on their forums.

Keeping some secrets from fans about your game is a common practice in the genre. It seems as though these folks have taken it to the extreme. The game has a target release window of Spring 2011 that leaves little over a year left for beta testing to begin and complete. We know very little beyond a hand full of planets, the character classes, some of the class abilities, and the personal story aspect. We have almost no idea of which races are going to be playable or if each race has special bonuses. Nobody knows how PVP or raiding are going to work as the only information we’ve been given was that they were included. It doesn’t help that the weekly updates from the developers are even more planets or a comic. I understand that I’m whining, but it’s not like it’s without merit. We’re being starved for information, and like an Uruguayan rugby team after the plane goes down, we’re cannibalizing each other on the forums.

Bioware has a lot to learn about managing an MMO community from the information they give to the way they handle the forums. The moderators are the KGB when it comes to relocating threads they deem off-topic to some hidden gulag of a sub-forum. They close threads that even slightly resemble ancient threads in the forum favoring necromancy to fresh discussion. It’s as if these goofballs are on a mission to eliminate thriving conversations. These psycho mods also toss out warnings like you wouldn’t believe as many people I’ve talked to through private tells have told me they were getting warned for minor offenses. I took those with a grain of salt as the guilty party tends to embellish the truth from time to time. It wasn’t until I myself got smacked with a warning just recently that I began to understand what the others were talking about. I went over the line when I said solo players had small egos because it caused them pain to see somebody in a game who was more advanced than they were.  Somebody go get the solo players some ointment for that wicked burn…

It’s going to be a very long year having to deal with these crusading moderators. Let’s hope these retards are given other tasks besides being forum nazis to occupy their time. Having to fear my own sarcasm because some moron can take my beta privileges away at a whim is going to be really fun.

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