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Titles, Mr. Connery…

March 25, 2010

From antiquity up to modern day titles have been used to display qualifications or positions within society. They often generate strong feelings from subjects, peers, or enemies of the people who bare them. Titles can show the prestige and nobility like that of a Duke, or represent unadulterated fear such as with the Oprichnik. While many people who’ve held titles have been little more than footnotes in history we tend to only focus on those that were extraordinary. Leaders that have inspired their nations to greatness, scientists who’ve helped unravel the mysteries of our origins, and even those who’s name can cause terror throughout an entire populace would be good examples of these notable types of people. It’s only natural that titles have become a part of or literature, theater, film, and now gaming. The Star Wars Universe is no exception and is filled with with these status symbols. From the wise and noble Jedi Master to the sinister and manipulative Dark Lord of the Sith. Many of us who intend on playing TOR are hoping that we might be so fortunate as to earn one of the many illustrious titles.

In Warcraft titles originally had to be earned through the PVP system with the one exception coming from the AQ via an epic series of quests.  PVP and the few elite PVE raiding quests being the only source of  titles lasted all the way up until the last part of Burning Crusade when the achievements began rewarding titles for completing the useless holiday fluff.  I wore my “Hand of A’dal” title proudly as it showed that I was considered a dedicated raider, and that my guild was top notch. When Wrath launched Blizzard began to hand out titles for things like reputation grinds and other minor tasks. There were still titles which were considered elite and players like myself had no qualms with the system. However, titles in Star Wars are an integral part of who the character is. For the RP’ers they want to feel as if their character is truly a hero in the Star Wars universe. The prefix Darth is a big deal to many of these people and they feel entitled to having access to it. Many would prefer that the title be common among the Sith even going as far as suggesting it to be a reward for completing your class story. That title is a big deal and it shouldn’t be given away to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who manage to reach the level cap on their Sith Warrior or Inquisitor.

When a title conveys this much power and importance it should be beyond difficult to earn. Being a Dark Lord of the Sith should be a huge deal and only the most dedicated people should even hope to ever have that title. The same could be said about Jedi Council members or Councilors. People who want to be known as a Dark Lord of the Sith need to expect to work for it. Seeing hundreds of different Darths would make the title a complete joke and wouldn’t be on par with the canon at all. The other extreme is to not allow anybody to receive the title, but I’m sure if that were the case there would be daily death threats sent to Bioware by the livid uber nerds who’s immersion would suffer. I’d personally like to limit it to the best of the best PVP and PVE players, and I’m sure that wouldn’t fly either. What I think Bioware needs to do is stay neutral and provide multiple pathways to prestigious titles.

Ideas have been tossed around of an epic, soul-crushing chain quest that makes you participate in PVP, PVE and exploration. This seems to be the logical solution to the issue, but this quest would have to really have to be the most challenging endeavor ever faced by a single player. Only after finishing this mega quest would you be worthy of the Darth title. From finding hidden holocrons, landing 1,000 killing blows in PVP, to slaughtering thousands of NPC mobs in PVE. This quest needs to be very time-consuming and difficult to the point that only the most dedicated players would even attempt to accept it. Letting everybody be a Darth would water down the title to the point where it would only be worn by people who couldn’t get a better title and would be considered a gigantic “free kill” sign in PVP or simply belong to the realm of the extreme RP’ers.

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