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Advanced Classes And Personal Speculations

May 28, 2010

Finally! The boys over at Bioware decided that we’ve been starved for useful information long enough so they’ve announced the “Advanced Classes” system.  I’ve got to hand it to Darth Hater they predicted this quite some time ago, and as much as it pains me to say it… They were right. I was extremely surprised to see this update being that most of us who troll the SWTOR forums are used to a planet reveal or an LOLcomic. It seems that Bioware is trying to slowly increase the hype around the game again with E3 less than a month away. This is a good thing for us devoted zealots who’ve spent the better part of the past year tirelessly spamming F5 on the website. Let’s hope that E3 brings the details of each “Advanced Class”, but until then we can speculate to our heart’s content!

Jedi Knight

Guardian – It’s obvious that one of the advanced classes is going to specialize in tanking. They’ve gone as far as to refer to one of the Knight’s paths as a tank, but I think the class will be a tad more complex than just your average meat shield. One of the sub-trees is certain to be a traditional heavily-armored, damage-soaking tank. The second tree could be more about improving the single-saber focus. Allowing you to do a solid amount of damage coupled with stuns, pushes, and mind tricks that would help you get by in a tanking role without actually having to be a traditional tank.

Weapons Master – The Fury Warrior with glowsticks. This will be the advanced class that inflicts massive damage on the target. A true melee DPS in it’s finest sense. What I think we’re going to see will be one tree focused on pure force-enhanced melee and dual-sabers. This is going to cause an ocean of tears and I can hear the nerds crying already… Waaaaaaah!!! I want to use one lightsaber like Luke did when he confronted Darth Vader on Bespin!!! I don’t want to be forced into tanking just because I don’t like standard MMO mechanics and it’s not 100% in compliance with lore!!! The solution is simple have the second sub-tree under the weapons master focus on being a buffing melee DPS class.

I played a Bard in Everquest back in the day and I can tell you that I had no greater joy than twisting my songs during combat to maintain multiple buffs all the while doing DPS. Bring back the Bard! My left hand begins to hurt just thinking about the possibility of aura twisting, but I loved my Bard and have never since had as much fun on a single toon during combat. If there is a Bard-like spec the plans for my healing Consular main might just take a back seat.

*You begin channeling Aura of the Righteous Path*
**Your pace quickens**
*You Begin channeling Aura of Inner Focus*
**Your combat resource regeneration increases**
*You begin channeling Aura of the Valiant Warrior*
**Your attack speed is increased**
*Aura of the Righteous Path fades*

It’ll be easy to see who’s good and bad by the number of auras they twist. Bad Bards in EQ only managed 1-2 songs, average Bards could twist 3, and pro Bards could manage 4 most of the time.

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  1. Burk permalink
    June 20, 2010 09:02

    But the real question, the only question (really):

    When’s the app for this thing hitting the iPad?

  2. Burk permalink
    June 21, 2010 17:43

    Let’s play Farmville.


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