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The Kübler-Ross Model And The Old Republic Forums!

July 16, 2010

I apologize in advance for this rant, but my shield of logic and reason can’t repel stupidity of this magnitude anymore. With nothing to do but sit on the forums (thanks for not inviting me to the initial stages of testing, Bioware) my misanthropic tendencies are yet again starting to surface. The more posts I read the more I wish I could force choke people over the internet. After E3 and the information that came with it I was hoping(however naively) that many of these smacktards would leave on their own accord. Instead the forums have been flooded with posts by the few who decided that moving on to another potential game wasn’t what they wanted to do or they just want to bitch until they are eventually banned. Either way it’s been a horrible few weeks for those of us looking for any semblance of intelligent discussion. Not that we’d be allowed to partake in said intelligent discussion with the way the mods toss out warnings and infractions at anything and everything resembling a disagreement. As I sit here praying to the Gods for the gents from Illidrama to decide to move over and open up a TOR forum so we can actually have heated debates without having to worry about getting in trouble I wonder how long it will take before these morons shut the hell up or go away. Without further adieu I present the five stages of grief from the Kübler-Ross model as they appear on the TOR boards.

Just hop in the class forums and you’ll see what I mean. Posts claiming the trinity is not confirmed, Knights wont be able to tank, troopers wont be able to DPS, Consulars can only heal, there’s no melee path for the Inquisitor, companions will make tanking and healing obsolete, etc. I think these are the people who annoy me the most. Ignoring all logic, reason, and evidence against their position and constantly making claims without any type of proof or thought behind said claims. It reminds me of debating with a creationist as It’s that level of denial and blatant stupidity at times. Here’s some clarification for the mouth-breathing idiots who against all odds might somehow find their way to this post.

  1. This is not Star Wars Galaxies so you can stop holding your breath for that non-combat class or skill-based advancement rather than leveling.
  2. Troopers can not heal beyond the OOC heal everybody gets, or a medpack(aka potion). There is no Combat Medic AC you guys are tanks or DPS***
  3. Companions are going to be significantly weaker than players in the roles they perform during combat. The devs stating you’d need all your companions to be healers in order to replace a healing player character.
  4. Consulars are not only going to be healers(this coming from a healer)… They will have an entire AC that has little if anything to do with healing and if Bioware is not retarded it will be very viable in groups. You’ll probably still get asshats telling you to heal or that you should reroll and the /ignore feature will remedy that.
  5. There are four classes that can tank and four that can heal. While not 100% confirmed logic dictates the Agent will heal at least as well as the Smuggler which is it’s mirror.
  6. Canon does not only mean the original trilogy! I hated Phantom as much as everybody else, but we’re stuck with it. Come to terms with the fact that the Expanded Universe is as important to Star Wars as the movies are in terms of lore and canon. Healing is a part of canon so shut up about it or PISS OFF.
  7. MMO and RPG mechanics will probably be more important than lore or your immersion. This is more directed at the hundreds of crying Knights who haven’t stopped bitching about having to dual-wield in order to be a pure DPS spec since it was announced months ago. You’ll probably have a more DPS-oriented spec within your tanking AC anyway you big whiners.
  8. The trinity is confirmed. Roles are required for group content. This is where I laugh at the anti-role morons. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………..HA…

Those who have come to terms with the first step have moved on and now flood the general boards with brilliant posts screaming about how Bioware lied to them and that the trinity is the easy way out. Bioware never promised this game would lack the trinity, but the fact that they’ve kept information under lock and key led to such wild speculation that this game was going to be THE GAME that killed the MMO trinity. Parades in the streets would have heralded the death of a system that the vocal minority despise so much. To this I happily say…. Still no! Bioware never once promised the trinity wouldn’t be present. Those of you who stuck around after they said the word tank over a year ago were in denial. The troglodytes who didn’t see the writing on the wall after they announced healers were nuts, but that’s not really fair considering we have people still pretending the trinity isn’t confirmed. I suppose the former could be dark age peasants, and the latter would be the cave-dwellers. Whatever side you’re on in this debate(Winning side right here 😀 ) flooding the forum with posts crying about how the game is doomed to fail and that people who like the trinity are sheep wont change any minds at Bioware. Staying here and berating those that like this system because you’re bitter only makes you look like a kid throwing a tantrum on the toy aisle because mommy wont buy you that lego X-wing(I still have to smack my kid-brother for destroying mine like twelve years ago). No matter how loud you kick and scream you aren’t getting what you want. I only wish Bioware would walk you back to the car and hit you in a place that your clothes would cover the bruises.

We get that you don’t enjoy healing! Begging to change a system that you don’t like just so you might try it at the risk of alienating those of us who like the way it currently works is a stupid idea. Balancing the endgame content around hybrids when you can spec as a traditional healer would be pretty much shooting yourself in the foot. Why would anybody play an actual healer when they’d be better off playing a true hybrid? This isn’t a question of differences in specialization like with hybrids in WoW where you can spec a certain way and fulfill that role in your group as well as a pure class(in some cases we don’t want to start the chorus of whining from the Mages and Warlocks…) like a Paladin. If you spec as a DPS expect to be a DPS’er don’t hope that you can heal capped content as well as somebody who’s actually spec’d for healing. It’s foolish to assume that healers would even be real hybrids though at this point as there’s no offensive and defensive targeting system. Balancing complex capped content around bot healers or hybrid healers is something that would make this game easier than WoW currently is(save heroic 25 man Arthas…Die in a fire WoW fanatics) and I don’t think that’s what they want. Top tier guilds and complex encounters actually bring many benefits along with them such as sponsorship, hype, community, etc. It also gives pathetic people like myself something to do with all the theorycrafting, farming, raiding, and debating on sites like EJ. *Insert another witty comment about the Knights demanding exact same DPS with 1 or 2 lightsabers…*

Good job, Eeyor! You’ve managed to move beyond begging the game be changed to suit your demands. This is the point where we will see tons of posts claiming how Bioware wasted the chance to do something truly special, and unique. Our whiny comrades will halfheartedly continue to follow the game while publicly reminding people about the supposed missed opportunity at every chance they get. Doom and gloom posts never really bother me very much because they normally have no basis in fact and can thus be easily dismissed in favor of more intelligent conversation. There are instances where this initial reaction failed me like when the badge gear during the ZA patch allowed you to practically skip all tier five content and start marching directly through Black Temple and Hyjal which I’m still terribly bitter about that as I’ve stated multiple times. These people scream fanboy at the slightest hint of disagreement, and act like a disappointed parent when they refer to the game or other members of the community. This stage will become a far more common sight once Beta hits the open phase and information begins to flood in. There are a few examples now on the boards, but it’s more of a combination of bargaining and anger than it is depression. This period will probably result in the exodus of the Star Wars Galaxies refugees as they realize the game wont be anything like that awful UO clone with a Star Wars skin that they constantly moan about. Alas! It’s WoW in space with Lightsabers, a lot of talking, a better story, and companions to help soften the trinity! I’ll have to kill myself now…

What’s really funny is that these buffoons might actually enjoy this game. I still think the majority of people currently suffering through these stages of grief will stick around for launch.  Bioware has done amazing things with their RPG’s and if they enjoyed the other games they’ll probably love this one. Wait until you play the game before you start pissing and moaning that things aren’t exactly as you planned. If Bioware follows WoW’s actual formula of taking the best from the genre and putting their own twist on it we could have finally found the new king of the hill. This IP failed terribly in it’s first foray into the genre, and EA wouldn’t risk the millions upon millions they’ve spent on this game if they thought it wasn’t capable of being THE GAME by which all others in the genre will be measured and trying to emulate. Ok, now I’m being a little bitch fanboy… I still hate you EA! You took my game and I’ll never get it back pre-canceled E&B just needed advertisement! It was too complex for the typical MMO crowd! You lied about subscription numbers so you could destroy our game! Oh… I’m starting to sound like the SWG people…


***Recently Bioware has announced that a third base class will be able to become a healer. This was something that happened based on player feedback in the beta and did not apply at the time this initial post was made.

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  1. July 16, 2010 22:37

    LOL @ the gent who did the depression poster. “Where”….

  2. Burk permalink
    July 22, 2010 12:12

    Mother. Fucking. Farmville.

  3. July 25, 2010 07:02

    Care to explain, Vincere?

  4. January 14, 2011 20:58

    Bioware has since decided that there will be another class that can heal. This was a recent decision based on player feedback from the testing.


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